Jerith Ornamental Fences

Learn about our aluminum and steel ornamental jerith fence options

Jerith “Aluminum Fences of Distinction” and Steel Wire Fences add value and prestige to any residential or commercial property.

Jerith Ornamental Fences and Aluminum Fences are designed to provide your customers with a beautiful and hassle-free fencing solution. They come in various styles, heights, and colors, giving your customers a wide range of options to choose from when selecting their ideal aluminum or steel ornamental fence.

How do Jerith Fences offer the protection and attractiveness of traditional wrought iron fencing without any of the maintenance? Constructed with HS-35™, Jerith Fences are built with a strong aluminum alloy. Durability with the strength of steel, these ornamental fences will never rust, even around your swimming pool, or in humid areas. You can even put your Jerith Fence in coastal areas, and it will not rust. With a powder coat finish durable enough not to crack, peel, or chip, Jerith Ornamental Fences are a great choice. You can give your customers the attractive fence they want, with the durability that you recommend with Jerith Aluminum Fencing.

Patriot™ Ornamental Wire Fences combine attractive welded wire mesh patterns with top and bottom rails to create a Jerith fence like no other. It is both durable and attractive.

Both fences carry exceptional warranties and guarantees of customer satisfaction.

Choose the ornamental fence that best suits your customer’s needs below.

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