PrivacyLink® Vinyl, Ornamental & Wood Hardware Fittings & Tools

Learn about our line of vinyl, ornamental & wood fence fittings, hardware & tools

Fence Fittings, Hardware & Accessories – A selection of accessories and fittings for ornamental iron, vinyl, and wood fencing.

PrivacyLink® is proud to offer all of the fittings, hardware, and accessories you need for ornamental iron, vinyl, and composite fencing. From hinges to post caps to hog-ring pliers to fence latches, if you need it for your fence, we have it all.

Vinyl – Stainless Steel Hardware

Ornamental Iron Fence Hardware

vinyl fence steel hinges and latches
Vinyl Fence Donuts and other fittings
  • Non-Self Closing Vinyl Hinge
  • Corner Vinyl Hinge -Spring Loaded – Adjustable Spring
  • Adjustable Self Closing Vinyl Hinge – Regular Size Spring Loaded
  • Adjustable Self Closing Vinyl Hinge – Heavy Size Spring Loaded
  • 2-Way Vinyl Latch
  • Universal Latch
  • Vinyl Cane Bold Assembly
  • All Better Drop Road
  • Support Bracket – PVC
  • Support Donuts

Many of these fittings are also available in black.


vinyl fence installation tools

PulJak Fence Tool

  • Gate Clip Tool
  • Hog Ring Pliers
  • Pul-Jak Set
  • Round Head Fence Pliers
  • Square Head Fence Pliers
  • Wire Grip Tool
  • Vinyl – PVC Notching Tool – Small
  • Vinyl – PVC Notching Tool – Large
Ornamental iron fence fittings
  • Clamp-On Post Hinge Sets
  • Clamp-On Post Hinges
  • Clamp-On Gate Hinges
  • One-Way Auto Closing Gravity Hinge
  • Power Hinge – Stainless Steel Pin
  • Ball Bearing Hinge
  • Butt Hinges – Standard
  • Flat Back Wall Hinge
  • Bat Wing Hinge
  • Single Roller For Slide Gate
  • Double Roller For Slide Gate
  • Slide Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Clamp-On Striker Bar Latch
  • Universal Gate Latch – Weld On
  • Square Caps
  • Square Flanges – Decorative
  • Square Post Flange
  • Rectangular Post Flange
  • Handrail Brackets
  • Tabs – Wed-On
  • Post Ball with Base
  • Lock Boxes

Wood Fence Hardware

wood fence hardware

Wood to steel fence bracket

  • Ornamental “T” Hinge
  • “T” Hinge
  • Deluxe Self Closing Gate Spring
  • Universal Slide Bold Latches
  • Heavy-Duty Post Latch
  • Universal Gate Latch
  • Ornamental Thumb Latch
  • Deluxe Universal Gravity Latch
  • Super Latch
  • 3 Strap Hinge and Latch Set
  • Non-Sag Gate Kit
  • Deluxe Cane Bolt
  • Ornamental Gate Handle
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