PrivacyLink® Chain Link Fence Fittings & Gate Hardware

Learn about our line of chain link fence fittings, hardware, & accessories

PrivacyLink® offers a select line of fittings, hardware, and accessories for chain link fences and gates. Just about everything from a chain link fence gate latch to tension bands to hinges and more. 

PrivacyLink® is happy to offer everything that you need for your chain link fencing projects—from a chain link gate latch to tension bands and much more. These fittings and hardware will go well with any of our chain link fences, including those with our factory-inserted slats. There is no need to go elsewhere for your chain link fence latch, chain link fence gate latch, or any other fittings or hardware.

Chain Link Fittings

Chain Link Gate Hardware

chain link fence gate latch
chain link fence hardware rollers
  • Tension Bands – Regular 14 gauge – Heavy – 11 gauge
  • Brace Bands – Regular 14 gauge – Heavy -11 gauge
  • 2-way Brace Bands – Regular 12 gauge – Heavy 11 gauge
  • Rail Ends – 1 hole – Plain O set
  • Rail Ends – 2 hole – Brace
  • Loop Cap – Eye Tops – Heavy
  • Post Caps
  • Sleeves
  • Line Rail (Boulevard) Clamps
  • Gate Corner Clamps
  • Panel Clamps
  • Gate Brace Clamp
  • Gate Clips
  • Wood Rail End Adapters
  • Line Rail Adapters
  • Wood Rail Brackets – Adjustable
  • Wood Rail Brackets – Corner
  • Wood Rail Good Neighbor Brackets
  • Truss Rod Tighteners
  • Barb Wire Arms – 45 Degree – One Piece
  • Barb Wire Arms – Vertical
  • Floor Flange – Flat Plates – Post Flange
  • Round Post Flange
  • Turnbuckle
  • Carriage Bolts

Many of these fittings are also available in black.

chain link fence latch fittings
chain link gate latch fittings and accessories
  • Post Hinges – 1/4”
  • Gate Frame Hinges – 1/4”
  • Hinge Hanger Bolts -J Bolts
  • Lag Thread Hanger Bolts
  • Flat Back Hinges
  • Strap Hinge
  • Auto Closing Hinges – Gravity
  • 180 Degree Gate Hinges – Industrial
  • Bulldog Hinges
  • Kennel Hinge
  • Kennel Latch
  • Latch Assembly Double Drive – Residential Assembly
  • Gate Fork Latch
  • Fork Latch Assembly
  • Butter y Latches
  • Flat-Back Butter y Latch
  • Rolling Gate Latch
  • Lock N’ Latch
  • Gate Hold Back with U-Bolt
  • Pipe Track Roller
  • Safety Pipe Track Roller with Clamp Bracket
  • Safety Pipe Track Roller – Heavy with Clamp Bracket
  • Safety Track Brackets
  • Spring Load Wheels
  • Double Wheel Carrier – Residential
  • Double Wheel Carrier – Industrial
  • Single Wheel Carrier – Frame Only
  • Ground Wheel
  • Single-Wheel Carrier Assembly
  • V-Groove – Single Wheel Carrier
  • V-Groove Wheel
  • V-Groove Box Only

Many of these items are also available in black.

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