Smithfield, Utah, May 1, 2013–Representatives of PrivacyLink® recently announced they are now the authorized master distributor for Mowstrip throughout the United States and that they have begun marketing and distributing it along with the rest of their fence products.

Mowstrip is an easy to install weed barrier that blocks grass and weeds from growing up under fencing. It works equally well under commercial or residential chain link, vinyl, wood, composite and ornamental fence.

Mowstrip panels are made from a high-quality, flexible molded plastic with a UV-block so they will not rot, rust or lose their shape. Each 10 1/2 inch panel divides in half to cover unwanted growth on both sides of the fence.

Installing Mowstrip panels reduces the need for string trimmers and chemicals to control unwanted growth. Mowstrip also allows riding or walk-behind mowers to mow up close to the fence for a clean, finished look.

Mowstrip come in green color, which gives the landscape a well-groomed appearance at all times. Some possible applications of Mowstrip are dog kennels, play yards, baseball fields, parks, churches, day care centers and schools.

For more information about Mowstrip, contact Steve Crosgrove, national sales manager, at 1-800-574-1076 or request information at

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