PrivacyLink Catalog Goes Digital

Mar 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

In our ever-changing world digital information and data is rapidly replacing paper. Even in the fencing industry we see significant change in how every day business is conducted. We, too, understand the importance of keeping pace with how our customers and suppliers want to view our products and obtain the information they need.One aspect of our business procedure we have recently changed is our full-color printed product catalog. To provide you with quick, easy access we recently converted it into a digital electronic catalog. Now you can view our products and services from the convenience of your desktop or laptop computer monitor.

And, it is so easy. Just click on the link and the front page of the catalog pops right up. Immediately you see easy-to-follow instructions how to flip through the pages, search through the catalog for words or products, zoom in and out, print and even download in PDF format.Why not give it a try. See if it is not easily accessible. Contact us with any questions you may have or let us quote on an upcoming project.

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