How To Prepare Ornamental Fences For Winter

Nov 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

winter ornamental fence

As a leading fence dealer in the industry, you specialize in providing value and excellent customer service for each individual you serve. Ornamental fences offer just that—a beautiful, low-maintenance option that customers love for a variety of both residential and commercial properties. 

Part of assisting your clients with their fencing needs includes providing tips and tricks that exceed their expectations. This can help you stand out, and help keep your customers coming back for all of their residential and commercial fencing needs. 

Winter Maintenance For Ornamental Fences

Aluminum ornamental fences are low maintenance options that don’t run the risk of rotting, warping, or insect damage. That being said, there are some considerations and steps to take to care for these structures during the winter months. 

One of the main considerations is how winter weather can compromise fence posts. Continual thawing and refreezing can make the soil expand and contract, which can affect the posts stability. The heavy weight of snow and the shifting of soil and gravel can also make fences more shaky and less secure. 

Take precautions to remove leaves, snow, and ice from fences and from posts. Also let your customers know that using the best installation company matters to make sure footings are set securely. Keep the areas around these footings clear and check them often throughout the winter season. 

Also make sure that shrubs, trees, limbs, and other large debris are cleared from around and on the ornamental fence

Ornamental Fences From PrivacyLink

Our team is committed to caring for your customers, just as you are. 

With products like ornamental fencing, your customers can enjoy a stunning, durable option that adds beauty to any landscape. You can install those fences then help them last for decades, while also maintaining a continuing relationship with your customers with tips and tricks like winter maintenance. 

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