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Why Choose Factory-Inserted Slats over slatting fences by handIf you’re a fence installer, contractor, or landscape architect, you probably have experience slatting fences. In fact, you and your team are probably experts at slatting fences. Thus, you may be wondering why you should bother switching to factory-inserted chain link fence slats. Here are the reasons to consider utilizing factory-inserted chain link slats:

  • Save time. If you have slatted a fence by hand, you know that can easily be one of the most time-consuming parts of the installation process. If you are on a tight schedule, you want to be able to finish the fencing as quickly as possible. With factory-inserted fence slats, you only have to hang the fence. This completely cuts out the step of slatting. Imagine how much time that would save you and how many more jobs you could accomplish in that saved time every year!
  • Save on labor. Small companies and one-man-shows don’t have the labor to spend days and days slatting fences. There are much more valuable things that your labor force can be doing with their time, such as installing more fences. Be wise with how you use your labor and cut out unnecessary steps! It’ll make you and your crew happier. Spencer in North Carolina said, “We liked it. Crews liked it too. It was faster and they liked it a whole lot better than putting slats in themselves.”
  • Save money. When you’re able to save time on each project, you’re spending less time but making the same amount of money. This means you are saving money on the cost of labor for each project. Just think how nice it would be if your business was even more profitable. Pre-inserted slats can help you achieve just that!
  • Consistent Results. Humans make mistakes sometimes, and that applies to slatting fences. If you’ve ever seen a fence with uneven slats, you know what I’m talking about. Factory-inserted slats provide a consistent result that looks great every time. There’s no headache about making sure your slats are the right length or cutting them down. Everything is exactly right, the first time.
  • Beat out the Competition. If you’re bidding for a job, factory-inserted slats offer competitive advantages traditional fences don’t have. The time and labor saved by not having to slat fences might just be the difference that wins you the job. Jeff in Pennsylvania shared, “We proposed using Noodle Link on a large job for a major company, which was approved. The company has two locations….. We were only awarded one location. The other location was awarded to another fence company that put up chain link only and hand inserted the slats afterwards. We both started at the same time. We finished more than two weeks earlier than the company that hand inserted the slats…. ” You better believe that company will be choosing pre-inserted slats over slower competitors in the future.

  • The real question here is why would you choose to slat fences by hand when you could choose factory-inserted slats? There are clear advantages to not having to slat fences yourself!

is it time to replace your fence?You might be looking at your yard this summer and wondering if it’s time to replace your old fence. If you’re not sure, here are some factors to consider:

Is there significant damage?

A plank or two in a wooden fence can easily be replaced. However, if you fence has more significant damage, it’s time to consider replacing it. At some point, the cost of repairing an old fence outweighs the cost of installing a whole new one. A good rule of thumb is that if you find yourself having to replace or repair more than 20% of the fence, it’s better to just replace it outright.

Do you need more privacy?

Many fences don’t offer a lot of privacy. If your fence has large gaps or just doesn’t offer the privacy you’d like, look into replacing it with a newer fence with more privacy. Privacy means that everything in your yard is safer and allows you to enjoy your yard more comfortably, so it’s definitely worth replacing your fence to obtain.

Are animals a consideration?

This one goes both ways. If you have animals that you want to keep in your yard, old fences that are starting to fall apart should be replaced. The same goes if you are trying to keep animals such as deer out of your yard and garden. Older fences are easier for animals to enter and exit through. Prevent this from happening by replacing your fence.

Is it wood?

Wood fences are prone to a lot more damage than other fence types. Wood splinters, rots, and warps. If your wooden fence is starting to look worse for the wear, it’s often much easier to replace it than to try to repair the wood. Painting can make it look better in the short term, but the problems will return.

Are you selling the house soon?

A new fence can do a lot for the curb appeal of your home. If you know that you are moving soon, consider replacing the fence now so that you have a more attractive yard to offer buyers.

Do you want a new style?

A perfectly valid reason to replace your fence is just because you want to change the look of your home. Fences do a lot for the feel and appearance of a yard. If you’re looking to switch up your backyard, start with the fence!

If you do decide to replace your fence, be sure to check out the wide variety of fencing options that PrivacyLink offers!

how to beautify your chain link fence Chain link fences are great. They are affordable, easy to install, and can go anywhere. However, they often are not the most attractive solution. If you have a chain link fence that you want to beautify, we have some ideas for you!

Fence Slats

One of the easiest ways to make a chain link fence more attractive is to add in fence slats. Chain link fence slats come in a variety of colors and styles, so there is there is a fence slat out there for anyone. Some particularly attractive options are VinylWood fence slats, which are made of vinyl but look just like wood; aluminum slats which can be combined to create a variety of patterns, and slats in a bright color that matches your aesthetic.


Another way to add some beauty to your fence is to plant plants around your fence. You can plant flowers around your fence in a garden bed, or even plant ivy or another plant that will climb your fence and cover it. The only downside is that plants require maintenance. If you enjoy gardening this is fine, but if you don’t it might not be worth it.

Hedge Slats

If you like the look of plants but don’t want to take care of them, then hedge slats are a great solution. They are slats that you insert into your fence and are made to look like a hedge.

Make it an Art Project

If you are artist, consider taking the time to turn your fence into an art project. You can get a weatherproof rope and weave it in between the mesh of the fence to create a design. Get create and do whatever your heart desires.

Chain link fences don’t need to be an eyesore. It is easy to make your fence look more attractive.

How to Make Your Chain Link Fence SafeIn some cases, you want the top of your fence to be barbed or otherwise dangerous in order to deter intruders. However, for fences at a schoolyard, park, or even a home with children you want to make sure the fence is safe for kids and won’t harm them. You definitely want to discourage children from climbing fences, but kids will be kids and you want to keep them safe even if they make questionable choices. The selvage on the top of the fence can snag clothes or even cut or otherwise injure people who attempt to climb the fence or even get too close to the chain link fence.
This is where a safety top cap for chain link fences comes in.
A safety top cap is a tubular piece of plastic that fits over the top of chain link fences. This provides protection against bodily injury by covering the exposed knuckles or barbs on the top of a chain link fence.

Where You Want a Safety Top Cap

Public Places

These safety fence top caps are often seen in schoolyards or at ballparks. Take a stroll past your local ballpark and you’ll probably notice these long strips on the top of the chain link fences. They are often yellow which is a color associated with safety, and also a nice colorful touch to finish a fence.

Homes with Children

While these fence top caps are often found in public places, you can most definitely install them in a residential setting. If you have a chain link fence and small children, a safety top cap is a great idea. It will protect your kids from tearing their clothes on the selvage or injuring themselves. It may even be a good idea to get a top cap if your neighbors have kids as they may be tempted to climb the fence to retrieve a lost ball, and you don’t want to risk them getting injured on your property.

Homes with Animals

Another instance where a safety top cap for your chain link fence might come in handy is if you have animals. Large dogs can attempt to jump fences, and you don’t want them to get injured. Of course, you should train your dogs to not jump fences, but you also should prepare for the worse. A safety top cap can protect your animals from injuring themselves if they see something that catches their eye on the other side of the fence.
Safety is an utmost priority, and it’s much better to be prepared by having a chain link fence topper before an incident happens.

do I need a fenceIf you’ve just moved into a house without a fence, you might find yourself asking if you even need a fence. Most houses have a fence, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need one. Here are some things to consider:
Do you have pets? If you have a dog or other outdoor pet, this is a no-brainer. You need a fence around your yard to keep your pet safe and in your yard. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can just train your dog to stay in the yard; it’s always safest to have a fence just in case.
Do you have kids? Just like with pets, it’s best to have a fence if you have kids who will be playing in your yard. This is a safety measure that all parents will want to take.
Do you have a pool? If you have a pool, you will want a fence around the pool in order to keep children and animals out of the pool and safe. Even if you don’t have kids, your neighbors’ kids can wander into your pool and become injured.
How are your neighbors? If you get along well with your neighbors you might not mind having an open yard with them. However, if you have had issues with your neighbors, it might a good idea to put up a fence to prevent future issues.
Do you have any valuables in your yard? If you have valuables you might want to have a fence with a lock. This can include yard equipment, grills, bikes, and anything else that you don’t want to be stolen.
Do you like the look of fences? There are many different types of fences out there with different aesthetics to suit almost anyone. Many people choose to go with a fence because they like the way it looks in their yard.

Overall, we have found that a fence is best in most circumstances. However, if after going through this list you still don’t want one, that’s okay. Your yard is your personal preference.