Maintenance Needed For A Chain Link Fence

Mar 18, 2024 | Uncategorized

chain link fencing
Chain link fences are popular for many reasons, including their price point and their ease to maintain.


For customers looking for a durable product that’s easy to take care of and install, a chain link fence could be the winning choice. 


Chain link fences are also extremely versatile, with a variety of uses and designs for both commercial and residential properties. 


Maintaining Chain Link Fences 


Although chain link fences need significantly less maintenance compared to other materials like wood, they may need some periodic attention. Chain link fences are made of steel, which resists weather and pes-related damage. However, steel will likely need some minimal care over the years. 


Here are some examples and best practices: 


  • Clean chain link fences using an environmentally-friendly soap and water. Dirt and mud shouldn’t damage the fence itself, but can potentially cause issues if it gets to the joints, latches, and springs on the fence. Give chain link fences a good spray down between seasons—especially as springtime emerges after winter.


  • Tighten loose bolts and hardware. This helps ensure the fence is structurally sound and can prevent sagging.


  • Chain link fences are treated with a rust-resistant finish to protect against the elements—especially moisture. With that said, it can be necessary to apply oil to hinges and joints to prevent rusting on chain link fence gates.


Chain Link Fence From PrivacyLink 


One of the most important ways to ensure chain link fences have minimal maintenance issues is to have them properly installed. 


That’s where PrivacyLink can help! We also have a variety of products including privacy slats to upgrade new installs or existing chain link fences


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