Looking For A Unique Gift Idea? Spruce Up Your Fence!

Nov 28, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

White Snow Covered Fence

Our team at PrivacyLink wishes you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season! 

We always remain committed to your business, and innovative ways to help you serve your customers. The holidays are no exception! In fact, this time of year brings many unique advantages that you can offer. 

For customers looking for a thoughtful and creative gift idea, fence fittings, hardware, and accessories could be the perfect option!

Here are some of the benefits of these products we offer. 

Fence Fittings, Hardware, And Accessories

  • One of the most popular accessories we offer is the chain link gate latch. Over time, chain link gate latches will settle or fall out of alignment. That’s why it matters to have a chain link gate latch that can withstand time, elements, and even force. Our product is made from advanced engineered polymers and stainless steel components that are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Our chain link gate latch is adjustable both during and after installation, quick and easy to install with no welding or special tools required, and also comes in models for virtually every wood material and type and in left-hand, right-hand, in-swing, and out-swing options. 
  • The models available for our gate latches meet every need and landscape. Medium security key-lockable, magnetic self-latching, automatic locking, and so much more are all options we proudly offer. 
  • We also have various adjustable, self-closing hinges that are sturdy and durable. They are a breakthrough in security for gates installed around homes, businesses, swimming pools, playgrounds, and much more. 
  • We also provide fence fittings, gate hardware, and tools for chain link, vinyl, ornamental, and wood fences. 


Chain Link Gate Latches And More From PrivacyLink

We have the perfect product for all of your customers’ needs when it comes to fence fittings, hardware, and accessories

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