How to Make Your Chain Link Fence Safe

May 3, 2018 | Chain Link Fence

How to Make Your Chain Link Fence Safe

Have you thought about the top of your chain link fence? In some cases, you want the top of your chain link fence to be barbed or otherwise dangerous in order to deter intruders. However, for fences at a schoolyard, park, or even a home with children you want to make sure the fence is safe for kids and won’t harm them. You definitely want to discourage children from climbing fences, but kids will be kids and you want to keep them safe even if they make questionable choices. The selvage on the top of the fence can snag clothes or even cut or otherwise injure people who attempt to climb the fence or even get too close to the chain link fence.
This is where a safety top cap for chain link fences comes in.
A safety top cap is a tubular piece of plastic that fits over the top of chain link fences. This provides protection against bodily injury by covering the exposed knuckles or barbs on the top of a chain link fence.

Where You Want a Safety Top Cap

Public Places

These safety fence top caps are often seen in schoolyards or at ballparks. Take a stroll past your local ballpark and you’ll probably notice these long strips on the top of the chain link fences. They are often yellow which is a color associated with safety, and also a nice colorful touch to finish a fence.

Homes with Children

While these fence top caps are often found in public places, you can most definitely install them in a residential setting. If you have a chain link fence and children, a safety top cap is a great idea. It will protect your kids from tearing their clothes on the selvage or injuring themselves if they attempt to climb the fence for any reason. It may even be a good idea to get a top cap if your neighbors have kids as they may be tempted to climb the fence to retrieve a lost ball, and you don’t want to risk them getting injured on your property.

Homes with Animals

Another instance where a safety top cap for your chain link fence might come in handy is if you have animals. Large dogs can attempt to jump fences, and you don’t want them to get injured. Of course, you should train your dogs to not jump fences, but you also should prepare for the worse. A safety top cap can protect your animals from injuring themselves if they see something that catches their eye on the other side of the fence.

Safety is an utmost priority, and it’s much better to be prepared by having a chain link fence topper before an incident happens.

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