How to Speed up Your Fence Installation

Sep 12, 2019 | Chain Link Fence

privacylink chain link fence privacy slats

Let’s face it, no one loves spending large amounts on each job installing chain link fences when that time could be significantly reduced. Faster installation times means that your crew is happier, your client is happier, and you can take more jobs. But how do you speed up your fence installation time without doing sloppy work or working overtime?

The secret is factory-inserted chain link fence slats.

Think about it. A huge portion of your time when installing chain link fences is spent slatting them. Many customers want slats because they add a privacy factor to chain link fences, but it takes a long time to install them. Each slat has to be inserted by hand and checked to make sure it lines up correctly.

With factory-inserted fence slats, you don’t need to worry about slatting fences. The slats come pre-installed in the roll, so all you have to do is hang the fence and you’re done. Just think about what a huge time saver this could be for your crew!

Check out what people who have used factory-inserted chin link fence slats have said:

“We proposed using Noodle Link on a large job for a major company, which was approved. The company has two locations. We were only awarded one location. The other location was awarded to another fence company that put up chain link only and hand inserted the slats afterwards. We both started at the same time. We finished more than two weeks earlier than the company that hand inserted the slats.” -Jeff in Pennsylvania

“We liked it. Crews liked it too. It was faster and they liked it a whole lot better than putting slats in themselves.” -Spencer in North Carolina

“It only took us 5 hours to complete the job (450ft.), it would’ve taken at least 8 hours to stuff slats on a job that size, on top of the 3 hours to put up the chain link by itself.” – Dan in Illinois

Many contractors have already discovered that using factory-inserted slats is the right way to go when installing chain link fences with privacy slats. Many of your competitors are already using factory-inserted slats to save time and money on jobs, so why aren’t you?

PrivacyLink is proud to offer factory-inserted slats in a variety of styles and colors, so you can always find just what you need for each job.

Here are just a few of the factory-inserted slats we offer: 

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