how high should my fence beIf you’re looking to install a fence in your yard, you might be wondering how high that fence should be. After all, fences are offered in many different heights. How do you choose the best one for your needs? Here are some things to consider regarding fence height.

Local Regulations

Many cities, homeowners’ associations, etc, set limits to how tall your fence can be, so you will want to check these first. Many places allow front yard fences up to 4 feet tall, and backyard fences up to 6 feet tall. There are many reasons why these limitations are set, ranging from aesthetics to safety (for instance, a tall fence in the front yard of a corner house obscures traffic). Don’t try to skirt around local regulations. Complying with them means you can have a fence you love that you won’t be forced to remove later.

Neighborhood Aesthetics

The next thing to consider is the neighborhood that you’re in. If none of your neighbors have fences in the front yard, they likely won’t take kindly to you installing a 6-foot tall fence. If your neighbors all have short fences, consider installing a shorter fence as well.


Many people want a fence in order to add privacy to their yard, especially the back yard. If that’s your goal, you’ll want to make sure that you install a tall enough fence. Many people can easily see over a 5-foot fence. You will want your privacy fence to be at least 6 feet tall, although some people prefer taller fences. Also, consider the visibility of your yard. If your neighbor’s home is higher on a slope then yours or if they have a second story with windows overlooking your yard, you want might a taller fence.


If you are installing a fence for your dogs, then you will want to make sure that your fence is tall enough to keep your dog contained. Many dogs can jump over a 4-foot fence, so if you have a larger dog your fence should be 5 or 6 feet high to keep them in your yard.

Personal Opinion

There is no one size fits all fence height, which is why fences are offered in many different heights. Consider your personal preferences when selecting a fence. Many people prefer a smaller fence for the front yard in order to allow their landscaping to be seen. Other people value privacy the most and choose a tall fence. As long as your fence meets your local regulations, you can choose whatever type of fence you like best.

There you have it! There isn’t a right height of fence. Instead, you need to weigh all of the factors in order to determine the best fence for your yard.

Here are some of our favorite fences of all heights

Short Fences

classic white picket fence

Classic Picket Fence

A picket fence is the perfect fence for those looking for a shorter front yard fence. We have a wide variety of vinyl fences to choose from. 

aluminum ornamental fence

Aluminum Ornamental Fences

Our aluminum ornamental fences are also a great choice for front yard fences. We have a variety of styles and heights avaiable, starting at 3′. 

Tall Fences

rhinorock concrete fence

RhinoRock Concrete Fence

This strong fence is the perfect way to add some privacy to your yard. It comes in 6′ 7′ and 8′ heights.

allegheny simulated stone fence

Allegheny Simulated Stone Fence

This fence has the look of beautiful stone and the ease of a vinyl fence. It comes in a variety of heights, from 3′ all the way up to 12′.

seclusions composite fence

Seclusions Composite Fence

This beautiful fence adds easy privacy to a yard. It comes in a variety of heights, including 5′ and 6′.


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