How to Hang Noodle Link Chain Link Fence with Factory-Inserted Slat

Oct 9, 2018 | Chain Link Fence

noodle link fencing
Noodle Link fences come with the slats already factory-inserted into the chain link mesh. This makes it much easier to install the chain link fence, which allows you to save on time, money, and labor. Is this too good to be true? Check out how simple it is to install our chain link fences with factory-inserted slats.

The first step is to assemble the frame of the chain link fence, including the frame work, top rail, loop caps, etc. This step is just like how you’d assemble any other chain link fence.

install factory inserted slats step 1
Next, you want to insert the needle and connect the rolls, just the same as a regular chain link fence. Then, stand the fence up to the posts and top rail, loosely attach to the top rail, attach tension bar and stretch wire into place. Do not cut the noodle until you have stretched the wire, or it may not fit correctly. Notice how the slats are already inserted. Regular chain link fences would not include these slats.
Once you have attached the rolls together, you will notice that there is a gap where they were connected. You do have to install slats into these areas, but that’s much less work than slatting the whole fence. Install the three slats that come with each roll in the space created as a result of hooking the two rolls or sections together with the wire needle provided.
install factory inserted slats step 2
install factory inserted slats step 3
Cut the excess noodle halfway between the two selvages where the two rolls or sections come together, so both ends of the noodle touch. Using the hog ring pliers, hog ring both ends of the noodle to the wire very tightly, making sure both ends are still touching. This will keep the noodle secure from moving in the wire.
Finally, hang the assembled chain link fence in the frame. If you weren’t using a chain link fence with factory inserted slats, now is when you’d have to spend hours slatting the fence by hand. However, once you have hung the Noodle Link fence and made sure it is very secure, you’re done. You can call it a day and think about all of the time you just saved you and your team.
install factory inserted slats step 4
Now you can see just how easy it is to install chain link fence with slats already inserted. If you want to learn more about our factory-inserted slats or purchase your own, check out our full collection of pre-inserted fence slats.
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