Here’s An Idea To “Dress Up” Your Chain Link Fence!

Oct 25, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

two jack-o-lanterns

At PrivacyLink, we’re all about delivering informative, useful information you can pass along to your customers about the quality fence products we have to offer. And now that we’re in the spooky season, here’s a fun spin on just that! 

One of our most popular products is a privacy chain link fence. This provides some stylish benefits as well as added conveniences for your customers. 

A traditional chain link fence doesn’t have to be boring and drab! There are ways to dress it up not just for Halloween, but in lasting ways that your customers are sure to love. 


Add Some Privacy To Chain Link Fences 

Fences are actually a staple to residential and commercial landscapes, and play a significant role in the way it looks and functions. 

For the holidays, it’s fun to mix things up by adding decor to fences. Some of our favorites for Halloween are cobwebs, twinkle lights, scarecrows, and more. 

Another way to elevate a chain link fence is by adding privacy slats. These come in a variety of custom colors and can be installed in many different patterns as well. This makes chain link fences more private and more appealing to look at, too. 

Privacy slats for chain link fences also offer wind protection. And the best part is, our slats come pre-inserted, making installation significantly easier. They can also be installed on existing chain link fences for your customers. 

To put it simply, privacy chain link fences are a win both for you and for your customers. 


Privacy Chain Link Fence 

So this fall season, help your customers experience the added benefits of privacy for their chain link fences. 

Our team is here for you every step of the way. We remain committed to you, your business, and our mutual customers through every season of the year. 

Get a FREE price quote for chain link fence privacy products today.

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