Are you having any fun at all inserting slats by hand? No, and you probably never will. But, there is a solution, and it is really is a “No Brainer” – install chain link fence with the privacy fence slats factory inserted and already in the wire. If you do, you will not only cut down on installation time and costs, but your profits will also soar.

This concept is easy to understand when you know the facts. When you buy chain link fence and privacy fence slats separately, you have to put a crew to work inserting the slats into the chain link mesh. And, this can take hours, even days, plus it runs up the cost of the project reducing your profits.

It’s a proven fact it takes between 30 and 45 minutes to insert ten feet of fence slats into chain link fence. Some slats even take longer. So, while you have a one-man, two-man, or even larger crew tied up inserting slats on site, you are losing money. It really is easy to see the downside of inserting slats when you consider wages, length of installation time, inability to move on to other projects, gas and transportation costs.

We have prepared a chart with actual costs that clearly demonstrates how you can save time and profits installing fence slats factory inserted in the wire mesh.

Compare costs and then give us call. We would be more than happy to show you in more detail how we can help you save money. Just call our toll free phone, 1-800-574-1076, and we’ll help you with your questions and needs.

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