Galvanized Fences vs Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences

Aug 3, 2018 | Vinyl Fence

Should I get a galvanized or a vinyl coated chain link fence

First, let’s cover what these terms mean.

Here’s the difference between vinyl-coated and galvanized chain-link fences:

Galvanized fences

While many chain link fences do not rust easily because of their zinc coating, galvanized fences take the protection to the next level. Galvanized fences do not corrode easily because the metal is coated so it lasts longer and is much stronger than a regular chain link fence. Galvanized fences are the most common type of fence you will see around town. Typically silver in color, the metal is visible and the overall aesthetic look is industrial.

Vinyl Coated Fences

Another option to protecting your chain link fence is to coat it in vinyl. Vinyl coated fences keep the chain link metal from being corroded similar to galvanized chain link fencing. There are multiple color options when you select vinyl coated chain link fences. The overall aesthetic look is much softer than the industrial metal vibe.

Both types of fences provide security for the yard or area being fenced in, and both will work with our privacy chain link slats to add privacy. However, there are some key differences that you should consider when deciding between the two.

So Which is Right for You?

How can you pick the right chain link fence for your yard or project?

Pros of Galvanized Fences

Classic chain link fence. Most people are familiar with galvanized fences. It’s the classic chain link fence.
Cheaper price. Galvanized fences are a more economical option compared to the vinyl coated chain link.
Industrial look. If you are fencing an industrial area, the galvanized chain link will fit right in.

Cons of Galvanized Fences

Slightly less durable. Because the metal is exposed to the air and weather, it will wear down slightly quicker. Chain link fences have a long lifespan no matter which type you choose, though.
Industrial look. If you are fencing a residential property, the chain link fence might look out of place. The silver color usually stands out from the environment.

Pros of Vinyl Coated

More customizable. Vinyl coated fences come in many colors and can be colored to blend into the surrounding environment or match landscaping.
More attractive. Vinyl has a softer feel than galvanized fences and looks better around homes.
Increased durability. Because the metal is wrapped in a protective layer of vinyl, these fences will be slower to rust or break down.

Cons of Vinyl Coated

Price. Vinyl coating is more expensive than galvanized chain link fence. If your project is one where the appearance of the fence doesn’t matter as much as the price, this is not the best choice.
Vinyl breaking. While the vinyl coating is sturdy, in some situations it may start to break off or tear, which is very unattractive. This is more common when the fence sees a lot of physical contact, such as at a baseball field.

Both types of fences can have privacy slats inserted into them, so that shouldn’t be a factor. What might be a factor is whether or not you want the color of the slats to match the color of the fence, in which case choosing a colored vinyl coated fence is best.

Both galvanized fences and vinyl coated chain link fences have their place, so it’s a matter of personal preference and what is best for your project. No matter which type you choose, PrivacyLink is a great source for chain link fences!

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