Should I Fence My Front Yard?

Jul 23, 2018 | Ornamental Fence, Simulated Stone Vinyl Fence, Vinyl Fence

Should I fence my front yard?

Fences in backyards are common. However, many homeowners find themselves asking if they need a fence in their front yard. While front yard fences aren’t as common, they are definitely not uncommon. Here are some things to consider when asking if you need a fence in your front yard.

  1. Pets. If you have pets who will be running around in your front yard, it’s a good idea to fence the area in. Even if your pet is the most well trained and would never leave your yard, a good fence provides peace of mind to passersby. It also provides safety to your pet by ensuring they won’t run out into the street.
  2. Children. For similar reasons, a front yard fence can be a good idea if you will have children playing in the front yard. It keeps them in the yard and away from the dangers of the street.
  3. Security. Fences in the front and, complete with a locked gate, add security and privacy to your home. If you are concerned about crime, they can be a good idea to deter people from entering your property.
  4. Property disputes. This is uncommon, but occasionally people have issues with neighbors crossing property lines in their front yard. Establishing a fence along the property line (be sure to first officially determine where the property line is!) will keep their plants, pets, and property out of your yard.
  5. Neighborhood goodwill. On the other hand, you probably care what your neighbors think. If no other houses on your street have a fence in the front yard, your neighbors might not look kindly on you establishing a fence, as it changes the feel of the entire neighborhood.
  6. HOA or other restrictions. Before you build a front yard fence, you will want to make sure that there aren’t any code issues you’ll run into, with your HOA or the city. In some places, front yard fences aren’t allowed or have restrictions such as maximum height. You don’t want to build a fence you’ll have to take down.
  7. Aesthetics. This can go either way. If you have a beautiful home exterior and well-maintained yard, a fence will detract from that. On the other hand, a beautiful fence can spruce up an otherwise drab yard.

Overall, whether or not to install a front yard fence is a matter of personal taste and factors (unless you’re not allowed to build one, of course). These are just a few things to consider when making the decision. If you do know you want a fence, why not browse our beautiful collection of fences?

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