Fence Accessories to Add This Spring Season

Mar 29, 2021 | Chain Link Fence

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Because you truly want to stand out to potential customers as their premier fencing dealer, it pays to have some extra tools in your belt. When you go the extra mile, it can really pay off. 

Our ultimate goal at PrivacyLink is to help all of the dealers we supply provide incredible value to their customers and help their businesses flourish. One of the ways we do so is through a variety of accessories for fences that can make them more functional and more visually appealing. 

Go the Extra Mile With Fence Accessories

The following is just a starting point for all of the possibilities you can provide to your customers with help from PrivacyLink. Throw these tidbits of creativity in as suggestions for customers in the design process, through content on your social media platforms, and even as add-on products they can include as part of your fence installation. 

Here are some examples: 

  • A chain link gate latch to make accessibility even easier.
  • Hang planters with bright flowers from fencing.
  • Create flower beds along the fence line to add some color.
  • Aluminum fence privacy slats to create additional chain link privacy.
  • Place accent lights along the fence line. There are many solar-powered options.
  • Hang decor directly from or onto fences.
  • Install a pergola or arbor along the fencing to create a lush, charming look with landscaping.
  • Feature durable options made that feature the look and beauty of a natural stone— like a simulated stone vinyl fence
  • Install accent lighting directly to fence posts.
  • Paint the inside of wood fences. This allows customers to be freely creative with murals or bright colors that are only seen from inside their yard.

These options can be up to the creativity of your customers, and PrivacyLink can help with our variety of fence accessories and materials. 

Fence Accessories and More From PrivacyLink

Take advantage of chain link gate latches, aluminum fence privacy slats, simulated stone vinyl fence, and so much more from PrivacyLink. After all, our purpose is to help your business grow. 

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