5 Unique Features Of Aluminum Fence Slats

Oct 21, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

aluminum fence slats

There are a lot of options out there to help make your customers’ chain link fences more stylish and functional, plus stick within a reasonable budget. 

At PrivacyLink, aluminum slats for chain link fences are one of our top-sellers—and for good reason. Here are some of the key benefits of aluminium fence slats that can help you provide incredible value for your customers while boosting your business, too. 

#1 – Aluminum fence slats are one of the most affordable chain link fence privacy options. 

Adding privacy to residential and commercial chain link fences can be a relatively quick, cost-effective fix with aluminum slats from PrivacyLink.


#2 – Fence slats provide countless customizable options. 

There’s a wide variety of color and pattern options for home and business owners to make their fence look completely unique with aluminum slats


#3 – Aluminum fence slats are easy to install. 

Simply insert the slats diagonally then bend the top notch to lock them into place. 


#4 – Aluminum slats are highly durable. 

Aluminum slats for chain link fencing are built to hold up against outdoor weather conditions using an extruded aluminum with a gloss-baked enamel finish. They won’t crack, chip, peel, or fade and are guaranteed to last. 


#5 – Aluminum fence slats are a low-maintenance option. 

One of the best parts about aluminum slats is that they’re virtually maintenance free. They’re safe to be pressure washed or sprayed with a garden hose, and that should be all they need to keep looking their best. 


Aluminum Fence Slats For Chain Link Fencing

If you’re ready to provide the incredible value of aluminum fence slats to your customers, PrivacyLink can help! We look forward to serving you for all of your fence supply needs. 


Contact PrivacyLink for a FREE price quote today! 

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