Fall Projects To Tackle This Season

Sep 28, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

orange and brown leaves on the ground

With the fall season in full swing, now is the perfect time to tackle some home improvement projects! 

As your provider for all things fence related, including privacy chain link and so much more, our team is here to help you offer your customers the highest quality products and services for the fences on their residential and commercial properties. 

Here are a few ideas you can share with them to help have a productive fall season with some simple projects that can help preserve and boost the value of their homes and businesses. 

Home Improvement Ideas For Fall 

  • Remember, yard work isn’t finished just because many plants are no longer in bloom! Raking leaves regularly is essential to help care for your lawn throughout the colder months. Also, prune back and deadhead flowers and shrubberies. Now may also be an ideal season to feed and fertilize your lawn. 
  • Winterize your deck or patio. This may include bringing in any outdoor furniture, clearing out planter pots, and sweeping away leaves.
  • Service or upgrade your fence. A great way to add privacy and style to existing chain link fences is through privacy chain link. We offer various patterns, colors, and materials so your customers can create a totally unique look that also makes their chain link fences more private and functional. 
  • Clean out rain gutters in preparation for fall and winter storms. 
  • Pressure wash your home exterior, fence, and deck and have it resealed if necessary so it can withstand harsh cold weather conditions. 

Privacy Chain Link 

If you’re ready to offer your customers the highest quality fencing products, PrivacyLink is here to help. Consider us your partner for providing the value you and your customers so deserve with the products they both want and need. 

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