Determining Property Lines Before Installing A Fence

May 28, 2024 | Uncategorized

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When building or installing a new fence, it’s crucial to understand the local ordinances and regulations for property lines in your area. You’ll also want to be prepared to coordinate and communicate with neighbors where necessary. 


The laws regarding fences vary between jurisdictions, so it’s important to look up and be familiar with your local regulations. 


That’s something that a professional can help with—like PrivacyLink, the expert for privacy chain link fence products and more. 


Researching local regulations and having a clear understanding prior to building or installing a fence can help make the process easier, smoother, and less complicated. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind:


Property Lines


For some properties, it’s possible to install a fence directly on property lines and maximize your yard space. If you choose to do so, you’ll have to coordinate with your neighbors to determine shared responsibilities and costs. 


However, building a fence directly on property lines is prohibited in some cases. Your local jurisdiction may have laws in place regarding how far back from property lines fences must be installed—this could be anything from a few inches to a few feet. 


Fence Height


There may also be local ordinances regarding limits on allowable fence heights. Standard is four feet tall for front yards and six feet tall for backyards, but you’ll want to know for sure for your specific community. 


Fence Material 


Popular materials like vinyl, wood, or chain link are usually allowed in most areas. However, there are some materials that can be restricted in certain areas. Some communities also have a specific style or type of fence that’s allowed, especially if you’re part of a homeowners association. Again, it’s always best to check local ordinances. 


Privacy Chain Link Fence


If you aren’t certain about the local laws and ordinances for fences in your area, it can be beneficial to have a professional survey your property. This can clarify exactly where property lines lie, helping you avoid the hassle and cost of having to take down or re-install a fence later.

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