PrivacyLink®, a national manufacturer and distributor of high quality fence systems, announces detailed information about its fencing products and accessories is available through is a nationally recognized web resource of product information and technical drawings designed specifically for architects and builders.Included in PrivacyLink®’s listing are highly accurate and printable CAD drawings in multiple formats, product sales sheets, product specifications, a company profile, links to their 2012 Product Catalog and newly updated web site. Viewers can also obtain information about how to get in contact with PrivacyLink® and to request a quote on upcoming projects.

An important feature the site offers architects is the i-Drop feature. Architects can go to the site, look up CAD drawings that fit their needs and drag and drop those drawings right into their AutoCAD system. This is a huge benefit in planning landscaping and architecture for fences.

Representing PrivacyLink®, Steve Crosgrove, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, said, “We are extremely pleased to have our many products listed with this excellent resource and to have our product CAD drawings readily available for architects and builders to utilize in their planning. It has been awfully exciting to see the number of architects who have already visited our listing and utilized our drawings. We look forward to having other architects and builders visit the site and utilize the drawings and information there.”

PrivacyLink® manufacturers and or distributes chain link fence, chain link fence with “pre-inserted” privacy fence slats, privacy fence slats, ornamental fence, aluminum and steel horse fence, concrete fence, vinyl fence and other fine fence products. They also carry a full line of accessories and hardware. Their products meet the demanding criteria for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

For more information about PrivacyLink® and its products, visit and enter the keyword “fence” or visit our site, To contact us call 1-800-574-1076 or email your request to

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