Color Combination Ideas For Noodle Link Fences

Jun 27, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

Learn more about color combinations many customers love for their noodle link fences from PrivacyLink.

At PrivacyLink, noodle link fences are one of our most popular products. As a fence supply dealer, you may already offer this top-of-the-line option to your customers. 

And if you don’t yet, we’re here to tell you that noodle link fencing can really pay off for both your residential and commercial customers. 

Noodle link fences meet a variety of wants and needs. They truly can’t be beaten in terms of cost, ease of installation, durability, and style. 

Colors Your Customers Can Choose For Noodle Link Fences

This revolutionary product is a spin on traditional chain link fences that have been popular for decades. 

Flexible round tubes are locked into double-wall slats at the top and bottom of the chain link fence. And the best part? This feature comes factory-inserted—saving you significant hassle and time in the installation process. 

All you have to do is hang the fence and enjoy the time and money-saving benefits noodle link fences provide. 

Your customers will also love noodle link fences for their aesthetic appeal and style. They come available in any combination of knuckle and twist selvage your customers prefer, plus nine different slat colors and eight different wire colors. 

Any color of slat can be combined with any color of wire. We gladly offer color samples of each upon request for accurate matching. 

Slats come in beige, redwood, black, white, royal blue, forest green, gray, dark brown, and sky blue. Wire is available in galvanized, beige, redwood, black, white, forest green, gray, or brown. 

Many customers prefer a seamless look by pairing the same slat and wire color together. While any two-tone combination can look great with the palette we offer, here are some common selections: 

  • Beige and redwood
  • Blue and gray
  • Black and forest green
  • White and dark brown

Noodle Link Fences

PrivacyLink is here to help you every step of the way as your premier provider of noodle link fences. We look forward to serving our mutual customers and helping both you and them enjoy the many benefits noodle link fences provide. 

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