The Benefits Of Chain Link Fence Privacy For Summer

May 31, 2019 | Chain Link Fence

black privacylink chain link fence slats
As a premium fencing dealer, this is probably your busiest season. Homeowners are scrambling to get their homes ready for summer, and an updated fence is the perfect way to finish off the aesthetic and function of their yard.

Did you know there’s a functional, cost-effective way to achieve this goal for customers who already have a chain link fence? It’s true—and the installation process is much easier for you, too.

Here are just a few of the benefits of adding privacy for chain link fences for your customers just in time for summer.

The Impact Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats Can Make

A chain link fence might be a little unsightly from a design standpoint, but that doesn’t mean customers have to install an entirely new fence to feel confident entertaining summer guests.

Privacy fence slats come in a variety of customizable options—like colors, sizes, and even patterns. We even offer hedgelink slats that make chain link fences blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Not only do chain link fence privacy slats look great in the yard, but they provide valuable function as well. This is an affordable way for customers to achieve added privacy in their yard so kids and pets can play freely. Plus, they provide the safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are protected—especially from running into a busy street.

Offer Privacy For Chain Link Fences To Your Customers

If you’re not already offering privacy fence slats to your customers, you’re missing out on an incredible value. To make your life even easier, we even offer slats that come pre-installed in the chain link mesh, so you can hang both at the same time and finish the job faster. This is one of the most profitable products we provide for dealers across the country and is also one of the products customers are the most satisfied with.

Chain link fence privacy slats fit within just about any budget—which appeals to a variety of customers in both the residential and commercial spaces. Plus, this product is easy to install for you, which is an excellent option for your busiest season.

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