Cash In On The Benefits Of Privacy Slats For A Variety Of Customers

Jan 24, 2024 | Uncategorized


One thing is for sure—each client is unique, and it pays to have a variety of products to serve them. 


Privacy slats can appeal to many different customers—including those who already have a chain link fence and those who are interested in having theirs replaced or in having a new one installed. 


Maybe not every client wants to tear down their existing fence, or perhaps doing so wouldn’t really be necessary in their situation. 


It could be that your client is budget-conscious and needs a fence upgrade but is trying to stay within a more conservative pricepoint. 


Your client could also be looking for a product to meet specific needs—like additional privacy or style for their landscape. 


Privacy slats deliver on all of these points and more. 


The Value Privacy Slats Can Bring 


Privacy slats are an innovative product that appeals to a variety of residential and commercial customers. 


This product can instantly (and affordably) transform a rugged chain link fence into a stylish privacy fence that offers extreme wind protection. 


Privacy slats come in a variety of colors, installation pattern options, and privacy levels. They can also be inserted before or after the fence has been built and installed. We offer fencing with privacy slats already installed so you won’t have to waste precious time inserting the slats by hand, or privacy slats can be installed for your customers with existing chain link fences. 


There’s also the option to lock the privacy slats at the top or bottom of the inserts. 


Privacy Slats From PrivacyLink


PrivacyLink is your partner in serving your customers and offering a solution for both their wants and needs. Privacy slats are a product that delivers, and is sure to be a win both for you and for your customers. 


Get your FREE price quote for privacy slats today.

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