How To Properly Care For A Wood Fence

Feb 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

How To Properly Care For A Wood Fence

For your customers who have wood fences, it can be helpful to offer tips and tricks for keeping them in good shape. 

Additionally, we provide alternative products like composite fencing that can greatly benefit your customers and help them avoid the headache that can come with caring for and maintaining wood fences. 

Wood Fence Maintenance 

The following are some go-to habits and routines that should be done regularly to keep wood fences in good shape.

  • Inspect wood fences from top to bottom for signs of damage, rot, broken boards, loose nails or screws, unstable posts, splinters, mold, and more. 
  • Make necessary repairs to wood fences on an annual basis to reverse common damage and wear prevent further deterioration. 
  • Deep clean wood fences at least every three years. When a professional takes care of this, they can also refresh the UV and water-repellent coating to further protect the fence from the elements. 
  • Reseal or repaint wood fences each time they’re cleaned. This helps keep moisture out, prevents rot, and fights weathering. It also helps keep the fence looking its best aesthetically. 

Composite Fence Panels 

It can also be helpful to offer alternative fence products and materials to your customers that require less upkeep, like composite fencing

Composite fence panels have that natural wood look but with zero upkeep. Composite fencing is also more durable than vinyl but with a richer color and a more natural look. It also resists warping and bending. 

PrivacyLink is proud to provide for all of your fencing needs—including composite fencing and more. 

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