Why Are CAD Details Important for Fencing Professionals?

Apr 3, 2021 | Chain Link Fence

chain link fence cad details

In addition to offering quality fences, PrivacyLink is dedicated to offering tools and information to make your job as a distributor, contractor, or fencing professional easier. CAD (Computer-Aided Drawings) can be extremely beneficial when it comes to helping your clients with their fencing projects and needs.

Whether you are searching for chain link fence CAD details or renderings for a simulated stone vinyl fence, our team at PrivacyLink has you covered!

Show Customers Product Specs and Data

Chain link fence CAD details or any other PrivacyLink CAD details help when reviewing fence or product specifications and data with customers. If you are presenting fence plans to an HOA or even a public building department to get approval before beginning the fencing project, CAD details are almost always necessary.

Do PrivacyLink’s Products have CAD Details? 

Yes! You can find detailed product specifications and data for Jerith fences, privacy slats, and all our other fence products on two nationally recognized websites – Sweets™ and CADdetails. Each site offers a variety of reliable facts and information that will enable you to incorporate PrivacyLink fencing into your clients’ projects.


Sweets™ is a great resource for detailed data and specifications for our chain link fence with factory-inserted slats and decorative privacy fence slat products. Sweets is the top building product source for architects, contractors, designers, engineers, facility managers, and building owners.


At CADdetails, you can access complete architectural fence information and specifications for PrivacyLink’s wide range of fencing products. CADdetails is an international network currently distributing high-quality design files to more than 425,000 industry professionals, and has an online resource library of 2D CAD drawings, 3D models, BIM objects, product specifications, and brochures,

Quickly Find Our Product Shop Drawings

Get chain link fence CAD details or renderings for privacy slats and even shop drawings from PrivacyLink! You can find our shop drawings by selecting specific products from our Dealers and Contractors Product page.

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