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How to Hang Noodle Link Chain Link Fence with Factory-Inserted Slat

Noodle Link fences come with the slats already factory-inserted into the chain link mesh. This makes it much easier to install the chain link fence, which allows you to save on time, money, and labor. Is this too good to be true? Check out how simple it is...

The Fence Every Pet Owner Needs

Fencing is a must if there are pets in the home. A quality fence not only provides privacy, but gives dogs a place to roam free without the risk of running into the street or nipping at a neighbor. However, there are certain types of fencing...

Can a Fence Increase Your Property Value?

One question that we see a lot from homeowners looking to sell their homes in the future is whether or not a fence increases your home value when trying to sell. The first thing that we want to say is if you’re staying in your home for a while before you...

Wood Vs. Vinyl Fencing: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Wood fences have a long history of popularity. Natural wood is widely available, relatively cheap, and a traditional option for landscape fencing. But the white picket fences of yesteryear are slowly being replaced by a new, competitive material: vinyl. As...

Galvanized vs Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences

If you have been looking into chain link fences, you might have noticed that there are two common types: galvanized and vinyl-coated. What is the difference between these two types of chain link, and which is right for you?First, let’s cover what these...

Should I Fence My Front Yard?

Fences in backyards are common. However, many homeowners find themselves asking if they need a fence in their front yard. While front yard fences aren’t as common, they are definitely not uncommon. Here are some things to consider when asking if you need a...

Can I Install a Fence in a Sloped Yard?

Many yards have some sort of slope or hill in them. This may leave homeowners wondering if it’s possible to install chain link fence on uneven ground. While it may be more challenging to install a good-looking fence on a hill, it certainly is possible....

Why Choose Factory-Inserted Slats?

If you're a fence installer, contractor, or landscape architect, you probably have experience slatting fences. In fact, you and your team are probably experts at slatting fences. Thus, you may be wondering why you should bother switching to...

Is it time to replace my fence?

You might be looking at your yard this summer and wondering if it’s time to replace your old fence. If you’re not sure, here are some factors to consider:Is there significant damage?A plank or two in a wooden fence can easily be replaced. However, if you...

How to Beautify a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are great. They are affordable, easy to install, and can go anywhere. However, they often are not the most attractive solution. If you have a chain link fence that you want to beautify, we have some ideas for you!Fence SlatsOne of the...


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"We proposed using Noodle Link on a large job for a major company, which was approved. The company has two locations. We were awarded one location. The other location was awarded to another fence company that put up chain link only and hand inserted the slats afterward. We both started at the same time. We finished more than two weeks earlier than the company that hand inserted the slats..."
- Jeff in Pennsylvania

"What a time saver Noodle Link is. We will certainly use Noodle Link on our next job. We can't believe how beautiful this job turned out and it was a 10-foot installation. It was a no-brainer to consider and use this product."
- Denise in Florida

"My customer tried Noodle Link last October and liked it so well that he has asked me for another Noodle Link quote for $40,000."
- Adam in West Virginia