Choosing The Best Color For Noodle Link Fencing

Mar 8, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

noodle link fencing

PrivacyLink is proud to offer a wide variety of products for you to offer your customers—including Noodle Link fencing

There are many benefits this unique product brings, and many ways you can apply its features to meet the needs and preferences of each of your unique customers. 

One of the most significant considerations is which color to choose for their specific landscape. This is something you can help walk each of your customers through with a few simple tips and tricks. 

Noodle Link Fencing Color Options 

First—it’s important to understand what Noodle Link fencing is and why it stands out compared to so many other products and options. 

This 2” chain link fence has factory-inserted, flexible round tubes that lock double-wall slats securely in place at the top and bottom of the fence. When you receive this product, the slats are already in the wire and ready for you to install. This makes this product more affordable, convenient, and seamless. 

Noodle Link fencing offers excellent privacy while still allowing light and wind to flow through. It’s also highly customizable for your customers. 

First, Noodle Link fencing comes in any combination of knuckle and twist selvage for your customers’ unique preferences. The slats are available in 9 colors—beige, redwood, black, white, royal blue, forest green, gray, dark brown, and sky blue. The chain link wire is also customizable, in 8 colors—galvanized, beige, redwood, black, white, forest green, gray, and brown. 

The wire and slats can be put together in any combination of colors. 

So in making the decision for the best color choice, there are a few things for your customers to discuss. First, it matters to know if they’d like the fence to stand out against the landscape or provide some bold contrast. 

We often see customers installing the fence on commercial properties, schools, or parks choose colors that match specific logos or themes that match their organization. As for residential properties, customers most often choose a shade of green, brown, or gray that provides a blended, natural look. 

Lastly, help customers decide if they’d like the chain link fence to show traditionally, or if they’d prefer a color that matches with the slats. 

Noodle Link Fencing

PrivacyLink is here for you every step of the way to make sure your customers love the finished product with their Noodle Link fencing

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