3 Benefits Of Installing D&D Gate Latches On Your Fence

Nov 30, 2019 | Chain Link Fence

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When it comes to the fences around homes, businesses, schools, and other areas, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked—the hardware

Revolutionary breakthroughs in technology have paved the way for chain link fence gate latches that provide added security and benefits your commercial and residential customers will love. 

Here are just a few reasons to install D&D Technology’s selection of magnetic chain link fence latch products on your customers’ fences. 

Easy To Install And Adjust

Installation of D&D latches and hinges is simple—with no special tools or welding required. 

It’s inevitable for gates to fall out of alignment as time goes by due to things like children hanging on the gate or even just the ground naturally settling over time. But the good news is,  your chain link fence gate latch is easily adjustable. They can be adjusted quickly both during and after installation. 

Highly Durable

D&D chain link fence gate latches are made from stainless steel components and advanced engineering polymers that can endure a variety of extreme weather conditions. They’re made to last and to function well as the years go by. Plus, each hinge is backed with a lifetime warranty in case any issues do arise.

Customizable Designs

Another significant benefit of D&D chain link fence latch is that it comes in a variety of different designs and specifications to meet any needs. There are models available for all different types of fences—like chain link, vinyl, metal, and wood. 

Every available model also fits in-swing, out-swing, right-hand, and left-hand gates. 

D&D Magnetic Gate Latches are sure to fit the needs of every residential and commercial property at a price your customers can afford.

Chain Link Fence Gate Latch From PrivacyLink

We provide a variety of key lockable chain link fence gate latches and models, like top pull, vertical pull, side pull, and more. We look forward to helping your business thrive by providing this quality product to all of your fencing customers. 

Learn more about D&D Magnetic chain link fence latch options available from PrivacyLink!

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