The Benefits Of Innovative Composite And Galvanized Fencing

Jun 24, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

composite fencing

As a fencing dealer, you’re always looking for valuable products to offer your customers. PrivacyLink is your partner in this effort—with our goal being to help your business be successful. 

That’s why we proudly offer an innovative spin on traditional fencing materials and designs. With composite fencing and galvanized fence options from PrivacyLink, your customers can enjoy the look of real wood or chain-link but with added durability and customization. 

Composite Fencing

Many people love the look of a wood fence but are less than thrilled about the maintenance and upkeep. Thankfully, PrivacyLink has low-maintenance composite fence panels to meet your customers’ needs. Trex composite fencing has provided a green fencing alternative for over 20 years—long before eco-friendly options were trendy. Trex composite fencing is made with a mix of 96% recycled wood and plastic through an environmentally conscious manufacturing process.

Composite fencing from PrivacyLink also provides a beautiful, landscaping-friendly design and offers the beauty of a natural wood look without the upkeep. Trex composite fencing is also more durable than vinyl and richer in color than other fencing products. For your customers who want a stunning, natural, eco-friendly fencing option, composite fencing is a perfect choice. They can also choose between vertical or horizontal composite fence panels and a variety of colors for a design that’s completely unique.

Galvanized Fence

All chain link fences are made of metal but are available in different mesh finish options. A galvanized fence is one that’s been given a protective zinc coating to make the metal more durable and better able to resist rust.

Chain link fences are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties because they’re affordable and easy to install. But with PrivacyLink, your customers can enjoy a variety of customizable options including different vinyl colors, galvanized metal, chain link fence slats, fence heights, and more. 

PrivacyLink can help you take it a step beyond the traditional chain link fence and offer your customers a unique option that’s manufactured in the USA and guaranteed to last.

Composite Fencing Or Galvanized Fencing From PrivacyLink

If you want to offer your customers nothing less than the best, choose PrivacyLink. Our composite fencing and galvanized fence options are just a few of the many custom products we provide so you can give your clients the fence of their dreams.

Get your FREE quote for a composite fencing or galvanized fencing today!

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