5 Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Dec 17, 2019 | Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fences sometimes get a bad rap. People generally consider chain link fences the basic or default fence option and often prefer to upgrade to something else. However, there is a reason why chain link fences are so ubiquitous, and that’s because they offer many benefits. Here are some great reasons to choose a chain link fence for your next project.

1. Cost

One of the biggest reasons that chain link fences are so popular is because they are so affordable. If your customer is budget-conscious, a chain link fence can be a great choice. Chain link fences offer all of the features most people need in a fence, at the lowest cost.

2. Ease of Installation

Chain link fences are often the fastest and easiest fences to install. If you are short on time and just need to get a fence up, a chain link fence is a great option. You just need to install the posts and rails and hang the mesh. It’s not a labor-intensive process like installing other types of fencing can be.

3. Low Maintenance

Some fences require cleaning, repairs, and other regular maintenance. Not chain link fences! The galvanized steel of a chain link fence means that it will hold up to just about any weather condition and not require maintenance. If your customer is looking for utility and ease over anything else, chain link fences are a great choice.

4. Security

There is a reason that you see chain link fences around so many secure areas, and that is because they offer great protection. Often, industrial clients aren’t looking to add beauty to their property, they just want to keep it secure. This makes chain link fencing a great choice. It’s durable, so it won’t be damaged in severe weather conditions and the property will remain secure.

5. Classic Appearance

Chain link fences are classic. Everyone recognizes a chain link fence, and they don’t make a bold statement. This is exactly what some customers are looking for in a fence. If a commercial client wants a fence to secure the property but doesn’t need that fence to make a statement, a chain link fence will blend in and do its job without drawing unnecessary attention.

Disadvantages of Chain Link Fences

Some people shy away from chain link fences because they don’t offer the level of privacy that many other types of fences do. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Slats can be added to chain link fences to increase the privacy, as well as enhance the appearance of the fence itself. Slats come in a variety of styles from partial to nearly complete privacy, so there is a perfect slat for every project. If the thought of slatting a fence isn’t appealing, you can buy chain link mesh with the slats factory-inserted. All you need to do is hang the mesh and the finished fence with slats is done!

Overall, a chain link fence isn’t the right choice for every customer, which is why PrivacyLink offers a wide variety of fencing options to choose from. However, there are many advantages of chain link fences that are often overlooked!

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