3 Impressive Features of Aluminum Chain Link Fence Slats

Dec 22, 2020 | Chain Link Fence

privacy slats for chain link fence

It’s been a challenging year, and now more than ever, small businesses are looking for affordable, profitable products and solutions to offer their customers. 

PrivacyLink remains your trusted industry leader in fence supplies and can help you hit a home run with customers throughout your area. One of the most beneficial products we provide for both suppliers and end-users is aluminum chain link fence slats. Learn more about the benefits these affordable privacy slats for chain link fences can provide your business and customers. 

Cash in on Aluminum Slats for Chain Link Fences

Here are three unique benefits you can enjoy with aluminum chain link fence slats

#1 – Design

Aluminum slats are specially designed to withstand most tough weather conditions. Featuring extruded aluminum with a gloss-baked enamel finish, aluminum privacy fence slats are built to last. They also come in a variety of color and pattern options so each customer can select their own unique combination. 

#2 – Durability

Aluminum chain link fence slats won’t crack, chip, or peel. Plus, the colors used are fade-resistant so your customers can rest assured knowing the harshest weather conditions won’t damage the look of their fence.

#3 – Installation

One of the most significant benefits of aluminum slats for chain link fences is how easy they are to install. Simply insert the slats diagonally, then lock them in place by bending the notch at the top.

Aluminum Chain Link Fence Slats

Our ultimate goal at PrivacyLink is to help your business succeed and to provide the highest quality products for your customers. Aluminum slats for chain link fences are one of the most beneficial ways to do so. 

We look forward to serving you soon! 

Contact PrivacyLink today for your FREE aluminum fence slat quote.

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