What to Know About These 3 Popular Fences

Apr 6, 2022 | Chain Link Fence

noodle link


Many of our fencing products are taking the industry by storm—and for clear reasons. Both fence dealers and customers love these all-time favorite fences, and they never fail to impress.

Here is everything you need to know about our top 3 most popular fences!


PrivacyLink® is our original and most popular chain link fence for everything from large commercial fencing projects to small residential projects. PrivacyLink® features Fin2000 slats that are “Factory Inserted” into the chain link mesh at the factory. These slats have specially designed wings that fit snugly into the mesh and provide approximately 98% or near-total privacy.

If you’re looking for chain link fence privacy, but don’t want to worry about maintenance, this will be the perfect choice for your customers.

Noodle Link™

The product comes as a two inch chain link fence with flexible, round tubes that lock the double-wall, factory-inserted slats in place at both the top and bottom of the fence. Your customers can create a Noodle Link™ fence that’s uniquely their own with nine slat colors and eight wire colors to choose from.

There’s simply no more cost-effective, convenient option than Noodle Link™ chain link fences!


Although IndustrialLink® is heavy-duty fence for commercial and industrial properties, it remains a customer favorite because of its durability and security. This fence type features slats that are inserted and stapled into the chain link mesh at the factory for maximum durability.

It provides approximately 75 percent privacy based on the wire/mesh used and the stretch tension.

More Fence Options from PrivacyLink

Help your customers choose the best option for their home or business with the help of PrivacyLink. We look forward to providing you with all the fencing solutions for your needs!

Get your FREE price quote for Noodle Link and other popular fences from PrivacyLink.

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