4 Types Of Aluminum And Ornamental Fences

Aug 31, 2022 | Ornamental Fence

Aluminum and ornamental fences are both elegant and functional. They offer safety and style for your landscape, and are also a low-maintenance option that makes upkeep a breeze!

Their powder coat finishes help prevent cracking, chipping, and peeling that can occur in many different environments and weather conditions. If your customers are looking for a fence that’s aesthetically pleasing and also meets their needs for privacy, ornamental fences are an excellent choice. 

Here are the four aluminum and ornamental fence products we provide, and how each can best suit the needs of your customers. 


Jerith Ornamental Fences

These are available in both strong aluminum alloy and steel wire. They’re extremely durable and will never rust—even in wet or humid environments. 


Alumi-Guard® Fences

These fences are built to withstand even the harshest conditions. They’re particularly easy to install on both residential and commercial properties. 


Ultra™ Aluminum Fences

These ornamental aluminum fences also have options for gates and work well for various residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes. Limited lifetime warranties are also available with this product. 


Ideal Aluminum Fences

These fences and accessories are an impressive upgrade for any property. It offers clean lines, strength, and durability with a classic look. 


Ornamental Fences From PrivacyLink

Our team is here to help bring the highest quality products to your customers. Take advantage of the many benefits ornamental fences provide! 

Contact our team today to get started with ornamental fences.


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