PrivacyLink ®


Our high quality, durable chain link fence slats add color, wind protection, and privacy to chain link fencing. SlatSource® (a PrivacyLink® company) slats for chain link fence accentuate tough, rugged chain link mesh and add significantly to the overall appearance of your fence installations. They can be inserted into new or previously installed chain link fence to enhance the functionality of the fence installation. Select the product below that best fills your needs.

Bottom Locking double walled chain link fence slats

Bottom-Locking Double-Wall Slats

easy to install fence slats

EZ Slats

Bottom-locking single-wall slat

ultimate privacy chain link fence slats

Ultimate Slats

Top-locking double-wall slat

feather locking chain link fence slats

FeatherLock Slats

Self-locking double-wall slat

winged fence slats for privacy

Winged Slats®

Self-locking double-wall slat

affordable chain link fence slats

EconoLink Slats®

Top-locking single-wall slat
faux hedge greenery slats

HedgeLink Slats

option lock chain link fence slats

OptionLock Slats®

Top-locking double-wall slat

aluminum fence slats

Aluminum Slats

Single-wall slat

top locking privacy slats

Top-Locking Slats

Top-locking double-wall slat

Finlink fence slats

FinLink Slats®

Double-wall slat with fins

fin200 chain link fence slats

Fin2000® Slats

Self-locking double-wall slat

industrial chain link fence slats

Industrial Slats

Bottom-locking double-wall slat

safety top cap for chain link fences

Safety Top Cap