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We have just recently completed the design and printing of our new 56 page, full-color product catalog for 2014. We hope you will find it informative and like what you see. If you have not as yet received your personal copy, please call our toll free number and ask for one.

This new catalog displays many of our products you have come to know and rely on over the years, such as chain link fence with pre-woven slats, decorative privacy fence slats, concrete fence, vinyl fence, composite fence and, of course, fittings, hardware and accessories. But, this year we have also added a number of new products that we are sure will fit the needs of your customers.

Some of these are:
Lodge Pole Fencing, a rustic and durable lodge pole fence that features 5″ diameter posts that are chamfered and drilled to hold 3″-4″ rails

Split Rail Fencing, an open space fence with two or three rails that would be an excellent choice for ranch properties or landscape designing projects where a more rustic look is desired

Agri-Fence, a new composite textured stick fence that eco-friendly, requires low maintenance and no painting or staining

MightyRail™ Steel Railings, pre-welded railing, ready to be customized to fit your customers needs. Sturdy, pre-galvanized steel construction that provides a clean,, classic appearance that is virtually maintenance free

VinylWood® Picket™, a composite, vinyl and wood fence “alternative” with lower maintenance, better warranty and less cost than any competitor.

We look forward to working with you this coming year. Please give us a call at 1-800-574-1076 and let us answer any questions you may have concerning fencing.


Smithfield, Utah, May 1, 2013–Representatives of PrivacyLink® recently announced they are now the authorized master distributor for Mowstrip throughout the United States and that they have begun marketing and distributing it along with the rest of their fence products.

Mowstrip is an easy to install weed barrier that blocks grass and weeds from growing up under fencing. It works equally well under commercial or residential chain link, vinyl, wood, composite and ornamental fence.

Mowstrip panels are made from a high-quality, flexible molded plastic with a UV-block so they will not rot, rust or lose their shape. Each 10 1/2 inch panel divides in half to cover unwanted growth on both sides of the fence.

Installing Mowstrip panels reduces the need for string trimmers and chemicals to control unwanted growth. Mowstrip also allows riding or walk-behind mowers to mow up close to the fence for a clean, finished look.

Mowstrip come in green color, which gives the landscape a well-groomed appearance at all times. Some possible applications of Mowstrip are dog kennels, play yards, baseball fields, parks, churches, day care centers and schools.

For more information about Mowstrip, contact Steve Crosgrove, national sales manager, at 1-800-574-1076 or request information at


We have just completed designing and printing three new full color brochures that were developed to support our dealers and their customers. Each one contains colorful photographs, key information and benefits for each product. They were specifically designed for the customer to take home, study, learn about the various products, and then make good decisions about which fence product best fits their needs. These three brochures are Chain Link Fence with Pre-Woven Fence Slats, Decorative Privacy Slats, and our Other Products.

Chain Link Fence with Pre-Woven Fence Slats You will find PrivacyLink®, IndustrialLink®, PrivacyMaster®, SlatLink®, BudgetLink® and VinylWood® fence systems in this brochure. It provides in-depth information and benefits about each one. You will also learn about heavy-duty slats, vinyl-coated chain link fence mesh and other valuable information.

Decorative Privacy Slats Fourteen different decorative privacy slats are featured in this brochure. You and your customer will find everything you need to know about slats that are inserted into chain link fence. Learn about the features and benefits of each slat, which ones are single- or double-wall and about their durability and maintenance. Pertinent information about standard heights, colors and even wind load capacity are also included for each slat.

Other Products Brochure We are also an Authorized Master Distributor for top brand name fence products, like Jerith steel and aluminum fence and RhinoRock concrete fence. You will find detailed information about each one in this brochure, plus, we have included detailed information about our vinyl fence, horse fence and steel ornamental fence products.

Look for a copy of these brochures in your mail soon. If you are not now a PrivacyLink dealer, contact us and we can set you up so that you can begin selling, installing and profiting from our products.

2013 PrivacyLink Product Catalog

We are pleased to announce our 2013 Product Catalog is in the mail.

The highlight of this years catalog is the addition of two new top-locking slat products – EconoLink and Ultimate Slat. We are excited about these two new products because they add significantly to our ability to meet the needs of your demanding customers.

EconoLink is a single-wall slat that is compact, lightweight and easy to install. It is available in a number of height and color options. Their unique shape enables them to self-stack. A package the size of a 2 x 4 contains enough slats to cover approximately 10 linear feet. EconoLink is also easy to ship and efficient to store.

Ultimate Slat is a double-wall slat that provides more privacy than any other slat. It combines the proven quality and durability of our standard slats with four unique “wings” for extra screening and security. It too is easy to insert into chain link, comes in several height and color options.

If you do not soon receive a copy in the mail, give us a call. We would be happy to send you one.

Digital Phone with PrivacyLink Catalog

We recently converted our 56-page, full-color printed product catalog to a digital file for viewing on desktop or laptop computers. We’ve converted it again and now you can view it on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone. Wherever you might be.And, it’s quick and easy. Why not give it a try? From your digital device, open our web site,, and click on Digital Catalog in the top navigation bar. The catalog pops right up on the screen. Click or flip through the entire catalog or search for specific fence products.

Check out all of our many fence products. There’s chain link fence, chain link fence with “pre-woven” fence slats, concrete fence, horse fence, vinyl fence, ornamental fence and associated fence supplies.Give us a call should you have questions accessing our new digital catalog. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the catalog and our many fence products.