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Installation Instructions

Step 1. Assemble the frame work, top rail, loop caps, etc.

Step 2. Insert the needle and connect the rolls same as regular chain link fence. Stand the fence up to the posts and top rail, loosely attach to the top rail, attach tension bar and stretch wire into place.

Do not cut the noodle until you have stretched the wire.

Step 3. How to install the three (3) extra slats in place between spliced sections: Cut the 8” Flat Noodle tail off the end of the roll. Insert one slat at a time while feeding the Flat Noodle tail into place until all three slats are inserted. Make sure the Flat Noodle from the tail overlaps the other Flat Noodle where the extra slats were installed.

Step 4. Hog ring the overlapped Flat Noodles together to prevent the them from moving.

Caution: If you trim the Flat Noodle before stretching the wire, you may end up with not enough Noodle.